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With new technologies minimizing downtime, at the same time as widening the scope and broadening the parameters of indications and skin types that can be safely treated, lasers are now one of the most versatile tools at a salon or clinic’s disposal. The latest development to fit this mold is picosecond lasers. 
These devices emit super-fast pulse widths of less than one nanosecond and as such, they have been described as the “next generation” in ultra-short pulse laser technology.

Introducing the Home Laser Removal Pen. Using FDA Approved Picosecond Technology it fires rapid and powerful laser emissions to break up dark pigments without damaging any skin tissue. 
Unlike traditional laser removal technology - the Pico Laser won't burn you, allowing you to slowly fade your blemishes as part of your normal home routines. 
The Picosecond Laser Pen utilizes FDA approved & clinically validated technology laser for tattoo removal, laser freckle removal, and another melanin removal.


Avoid long visits to the doctor and painful procedures with a long healing time. This device is safe enough and effective in the privacy of your own home.


The laser does not interact with human tissue. Have a piece of mind that FDA Approved Picosecond Technology will keep your skin safe and your body blemish-free.


Sleek, Compact durable design meaning you can take it anywhere and pass it on to friends for years to come! 
Picosecond technology uses powerful impulses of light at a wavelength designed to ONLY attack specific pigments - leaving your skin pain free during treatment. 
This means skin won’t be burned or damaged, only a gentle tingling sensation will be felt during operation. 


  • With multiple routine sessions Pico-Laser technology allows you to easily remove:
  • Tattoos
  • Freckles
  • Melasma (sunspots)
  • Light Scarring/Stretch Marks


  • Plug type: EU, US
  • Voltage: 100~240V
  • Laser Emission Times: 2000000 Rounds
  • Energy Intensity: 4 Gears
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 190*33*33mm
  • Shipping takes 10 to 25 days.

Customer Reviews

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I purchased this product not really knowing whether it would work, but it really does. It’s reduced my hair growth significantly. Highly recommend- thank you


So far so good. Feels exactly like professional (expensive) laser tattoo removal. I bought to remove a mostly color tattoo with a little bit of black. I will update as I go with pictures to show progress.


I was skeptical when I purchased this as I just couldn’t imagine this small machine being effective after I had success with the big professional machines. It has turned out to be a fantastic purchase!


My pen has arrived! It seems of great quality, I already tested it in 1 session. I used it on a mackerel in the leg, I can see that it almost came out, a few more sessions I think it will disappear!


Item came very fast about two weeks. Everything was as described. Also came with English instructions which is great! I haven’t used the product yet but will write a review on it once I use it.

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2 hours ago

I have bought dozens of items from Unboxed Daliy!

I have bought dozens of items from Unboxed Daliy. All have been extremely good quality and very single order has arrived well before the estimated date.

Jayden C.
7 hours ago

Perfect for bargain shopping

So far I have ordered 2 items (gazebo cover/duvet cover). They both arrived fast and as described

Gustavo M.
10 hours ago

Solid across the board

Solid across the board

Mario F.
13 hours ago

Excellent marketplace

However, it’d be great to have more international shipping option and more protection for international buyers.

Steffie D.
17 hours ago

must buy

I was a little apprehensive at first to order from this company but I am very happy I did. I personally think they look 5x better than on the wesbite

Ece D.
19 hours ago

I bought 4 items from them and all…

I bought 4 items from them all arrived I had a question about the tablet and that question was answered

Gedeão O.
a day ago

Always good :)

I’ve ordered from Unboxed Daliy plenty of times before and every single time I’ve not been disappointed. The items always come at the perfect time and are always exactly what I had expected

louis T.
a day ago

Still good

I believe their prices may have gone up slightly. But otherwise I don't have any complaints. Great selection and great service all-around

connor H.
a day ago

Docking Station

Docking station is exactly what I was looking for, and you can't find a better price!! I use it for my iPhone X with a Lifeproof case on it, and my Apple Watch. I highly recommend this product.

dominic A.
a day ago

Customer Service rep (Ashley) Was Amazing!!

She was extremely nice about the whole situation and he deserves a raise for helping me out with such a ridiculous situation that had nothing to do with the company

zara H.
a day ago


I wasn't expecting my order as soon as it arrived. Thanks Unboxed Daliy! And works great! Will be back for more items after payday

maia M.
8 days ago

Just what I was looking for!

Just what I was looking for! Great service and great product, keep up the good work

victoria D.
8 days ago

Unboxed Daily is Amazing!

oh man! I love Unboxed Daliy! They have just about everything. And good customer service

maurice S.
8 days ago

Unboxed Daliy is awesome

Always find something new and different and always at a great price

becky S.
9 days ago

No complaints!

I can't see that there's anything to complain about Unboxed Daliy. I keep the UPS driver very busy so I know what I'm talking about. Great company to deal with in every way.

ella F.